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In 1972 Joyce Blondeau and a group of Jefferson Parish woman who watched and supported their husband’s involvement in Mardi Gras, decided to form an all woman’s Mardi Gras organization and the Krewe of Athena was formed. After a year under this name, the Krewe found a more suitable Mythological Goddess for which to name their Krewe, and the Krewe of Isis was born.

Continuing the tradition of Mardi Gras Krewes being named after mythological gods and goddesses, the Krewe was named after the the feminine archetype for creation - the goddess of fertility and motherhood. And so the tradition began.

50 years later, the Krewe of Isis is the largest and oldest all Female Mardi Gras organization in Jefferson Parish and the oldest consecutively parading traditional Carnival organization in that same parish! 

Parading the Saturday before Fat Tuesday or Super Mardi Gras weekend, the Ladies of the Krewe of Isis, proudly ride the Kenner route and are greeted by huge crowds of fans who enjoy watching the tradition of Isis and the Greatest Free Show on Earth!

You've Come A Long Way Ladies!

Hail Isis!!

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